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Tayvon Carr and Infiniti Carr Tayvon Carr and Infiniti Carr grew up in Dayton, Ohio, experiencing the harsh realities of financial hardship. When our mother was laid off, it marked the beginning of a series of struggles that would shape our resilience and determination. Life was a constant battle, living paycheck to paycheck, and enduring the uncertainty of where our next meal would come from. Our mother worked tirelessly, often taking multiple jobs to make ends meet. Despite her efforts, we found ourselves living in a homeless shelter for six months, a period that felt like an eternity. During this time, we witnessed our mother’s struggle with a cigarette addiction, which only added to the financial strain. We even resorted to panhandling, standing on street corners, asking for spare change to support her habit. These moments were some of the lowest points in our lives, filled with desperation and a sense of hopelessness. When we finally graduated from high school, we were determined to change our circumstances. We dedicated ourselves to improving our credit, understanding the financial system, and finding ways to secure funding. Through perseverance and hard work, we managed to obtain the necessary funding to start our own credit repair company. This venture proved to be successful, allowing us to make well over six figures. Our journey didn’t stop there. We realized that many aspiring entrepreneurs, like us, were struggling with poor credit and limited financial opportunities. This inspired us to expand our services to include funding for those in need. Today, at The Truth Funding, we are committed to providing personal and business funding to help others achieve their investment dreams. Our mission is to offer a lifeline to those who need it most, giving them a chance to turn their aspirations into reality. We understand the challenges firsthand and are here to support you every step of the way.